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Introduction to the Terminal Management System (TMS) API

Welcome to the cutting-edge Terminal Management System (TMS) API, a robust solution designed to empower businesses with seamless control over their terminal operations. Our API offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities tailored to facilitate efficient management and configuration of terminals, merchants, and partners.

With the TMS API, users can effortlessly:

  • Manage Merchants: Access detailed information, generate, or revoke API keys, create new merchant profiles, update existing details, or entirely remove a merchant from the system.

  • Device Management: Streamline operations by assigning or removing devices from merchants or partners, ensuring optimal connectivity and functionality (*).

  • Partner Operations: Retrieve essential partner information, check the cloud status, and manage API keys with ease.

  • Gateway Configuration: Seamlessly publish configurations to the gateway, ensuring that settings are promptly updated and applied.

Our API's versatility and user-centric design promise to revolutionize how you handle terminal management. Whether you're looking to enhance merchant relationships, optimize device assignments, or streamline partner operations, the TMS API stands as your trusted ally.

Harness the power of advanced terminal management. Dive into the future with the TMS API.

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